Sports Solutions

EliGrass Sports

Whether you are a school, university, community, major sports club or local club, or even for a home golf putting green, EliGrass Sports offers a dedicated range of artificial grass to meet the most demanding needs.


Perfect Pitch

The perfect pitch come rain or shine, create the ultimate pitch usable 365 days a year without the huge maintenance costs. Eligrass Sports gives improved performance and significant savings on maintenance.

Increased playability

Artificial grass is more durable than real grass.  Playability is much higher, allows a broader access and can be played on all the time.  Games not cancelled due to the weather and one game on a muddy field can ruin the pitch for the rest of the season.

Fewer injuries

Durability and an even playing surface mean fewer injuries, unlike grass that gets torn up by rough play and eventually turns into vast patches of slippery mud or potholes, causing breaks or twisted ankles.


For golfers who are looking for economical solutions, our artificial sports grass is built to last with no water and virtually maintenance free compared to real grass, yet it looks very realistic.

Putting surfaces can be installed in gardens, communities, hotels, driving ranges and golf courses Our putting greens are designed to be used by professionals, amateurs and instructors everywhere.

The savings on maintenance costs, durability and the possibility of intensive use, have become extremely cost effective. Several models are available with different fibre types studied and tested for each type of game.


Artificial grass pitches are the primary playing surfaces for all levels of hockey – international, national and club level.

There is a variety of artificial grass systems available from the high-specification water-based system used at the very top level of hockey; to the sand-based system which can also be used for a wide range of different sports.




Over the last few years there have been many advances in the development of artificial grass pitches for sport.

These new surfaces – known as 3G or third generation – are revolutionising the game of rugby. They have been developed to replicate natural turf, with utstanding performance, reduced ball bounce and offer a higher level of safety for players. They use a longer pile height compared to previous surfaces with improved stability by using sand and rubber infills.


EliGrass will manage your whole padel project according to your wishes. Whether you’re looking for 1 or several courts, indoors or outdoors, fixed or removable, we can deliver a quality product for a higher performance.

Artificial grass is ideal for this increasingly popular sport. The underlay buffers against falls and, above all , for the nice bounce of the ball and texture underfoot for the padel player.



Eligrass supply and fit the grass you can compete with. More and more tennis clubs are switching to artificial Grass to create an all-weather solution for their courts.

Not only creating savings for the Clubs by lowering maintenance costs, artificial grass provides a safer surface allowing players to develop and use slide, in a controlled way allowing coverage of the whole court area while reducing stress on joints and ligaments.